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openCV – Android app

This a post from a guy that have just used openCV libraries directly on Android. Brilliant! Thank you for your post, Elvis Chidera

For those who doesn’t know what openCV is or what is it for, openCV is the most popular opensource library that allows you to manipulate images, like identifying objects and so on.

If you need that on your android app, take a look on this post.

World Cup Brazil – 2014

I want to thank you all that followed the cup with us. And of course a big and special thanks to PPLWARE because they have suggested our app today in their blog …which is a great honour to us!


Tomorrow I will deploy a new version with some improvements. Today was the first real test of the app in production, so tomorrow naturally will be a new version with some fixes detected today during the first match.

Stay tuned!


World Cup Brazil v.1.3.4 is now available on google play store


The newest version of the app above is now available with:

1. a new and much more pretty icon,
2. support for Brazilian Portuguese,
3. a totally redesigned and optimized new way of fetching the data,
4. a new splash screen on startup (while fetching data),
5. the matches are all numbered,
6. playoff matches named.

Please if you find any bugs or just have a suggestion please let me know about it.


World Cup Brazil 2014 version 1.3.3 is now available

I’m proud to announce you that is now available the newest version of the android app World Cup Brazil 2014 – v1.3.3.

This version comes with two major new features:

  1. Added a reminder button wich allows to you remember that specific match you don’t want to miss.
  2. Added a dialog box to advert the users that they are exiting the app. There is also a button that allow users easily rate the app.

I’ve also fixed minor bugs. Stay tuned, because more exciting updates will come soon!